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State Of Illinois Agency Web Links

IllinoisHunter provides useful direct links to selected official State of Illinois IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources, aka ILDNR) and ISP (Illinois State Police) web pages. You don't have to search throughout the Web (or the comprehensive IDNR site) to reach the specific hunting and shooting-related information that you need. Just click on the links found below, or on any other relevant link found on the pages of

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is completely updating their web site, and landing pages for our links will be changing as the update process continues. Old Version pages have the URL "" within their path name - New Version pages will have "" within their path name. will try to keep our own ages updated during this process, but your patience will be appreciated during this transition process. The good news is that the ILDNR site will be much improved when the process has been completed.

Note: The Illinois Department of Natural Resources web site is the primary source for official state hunting information, while the Illinois State Police web site is the primary source for researching firearms laws and learning about the Illinois FOID (Firearm Owner Identification) card that is required for all Illinois residents in possession of (including hunting with) any gun (including muzzleloaders and other blackpowder firearms.)

Sangamon County buck

Illinois bucks can grow impressive sets of antlers, as shown by the rack pictured above decorating the head of a trophy whitetail buck in Sangamon County. However, they can be highly nocturnal and quite elusive when hunted!
Photo by Jim Mordacq

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Note: For jurisdiction over hunting and fishing laws and programs, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has superseded the old Illinois Department of Conservation structure, which was more narrow in scope. Officially, the acronym is expressed as IDNR, although some people still refer to it as the ILDNR. The naming of Fish and Game agencies is not consistent throughout the United States, as other states refer to their agencies variously as Division of Fish and Wildlife (IN,) Department of Conservation (MO,) Wildlife Commission (NC,) etc. is designed to provide a friendly user interface to access useful information about hunting and outdoor conservation in Illinois. Many of our links will take you to other sites, especially selected portions of the IL Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) web site. Please note that is not officially associated with the IDNR or other organizations whose sites open in a new tab or browser window. We are not responsible for the accuracy of external links, or any information found on or derived from external pages or other sources.