Menard Archers Archery Club, Petersburg, IL

Menard Archers Shoot Winners By Category For September 18th, 2005

Men's Bowhunter

Ty Hunt 287 (First)

Derek Bradshaw 286 (Second)

Michael Walton 261 (Third)


Women's Bowhunter

Amanda Bradshaw 214 (First)

Carey Barber 187 (Second)

Carlene Fagg 101 (Third)

Men's Traditional

Mike Logsdon 266 (First)

Joe Westbrook 203 (Second)

Paul House 191 (Third)


Boys: Jacob Bradshaw 105 (First)

Boys: Jason Young 75 (2nd)

Boys: Dylan Vaughn 51 (3rd)

Girls: Abby House 73 (First)


Luke VonBehren 218 (First)

John Ulery 140 (Second)

Men's Open

Jay Pearson 209 (First)

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95 total shooters 9/18/05