Menard Archers Archery Club, Petersburg, IL

Menard Archers Shoot Winners By Category For February 27, 2005

Men's Open

John Boerckel 287 (First)

John Gasser 273 (Second)

Nic Weatherford 248 (Third)

Men's Bowhunter

Ray Bradley 314 (First)

Dale Kunhert 296 (Second)

Ty Hunt 294 (Third)

Men's Traditional

Craig Carroll 218 (First)

Dale Meyer 213 (Second)

John Fenton 196 (Third)


A. J. Faith 190 (First)

Allen 112 (Second)

Jacob Bradshaw 98 (Third)

Women's Bowhunter

Belinda Brown 261 (First)

Ashley Bishop 256 (Second)

Jennifer King 182 (Third)

Women's Traditional

Carolyn Barbee 215 (First)


Results Not Available: 6 archers were in this category, but no cards were turned in at end of shoot.

96 Total Shooters 2/27/05  


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Note: Shooters are asked to fill in their card information completely, and remember to turn the card in at the end of the shoot. Results cannot be posted for shooters when the information is incomplete, illegible, or missing.

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