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Late-Season Upland Hunting Opportunities in Illinois

An IllinoisHunter Special Report 1/25/08

So you don't want to quit hunting and wait for next year? Try a hunting preserve!

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Youth hunter Jason Young at Clary Creek Upland Hunting Club

As regular Illinois upland hunting seasons end, many private upland hunting preserves continue to provide extended bird hunting opportunities. In the above photo, 10 year-old Jason Young of Springfield, IL, bags a pheasant during a preserve hunt provided by John Jewett of Petersburg, who bought the special youth hunt package as an auction item at a local Quail Forever Banquet. Dr. Bob Kaufmann of Clary Creek Upland served as the guide and dog handler for this hunt, and Jason never missed a shot with his 20 gauge single-shot shotgun. More Photos

Okay, so hunting pheasants on a preserve isn't always just like hunting wild birds, but on a well-run hunting preserve you really can have a high-quality upland hunting experience. publisher Larry Dale has recently hunted at four commercial upland hunting preserves in Central Illinois. All of the facilities and hunting fields were well developed and properly maintained. In almost all cases, the birds flew very well.

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